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Pearls in the Neighbourhood...... A lustrous series of events strung together in the Baarsies neighborhood...a 20 minute stroll from the center of Amsterdam. Directions >

web-w@ves : experimental lab of creation & interaction on the web, hosted live by Merrill Aldighieri, who will also screen new works.

Lucas Balbo presents a Fish Eye Revue of Underwater Classics in ScubaScope , as well as select screenings of the CAT EYE FILM CLUB : "Night Tide", "She-creature".... & more.

DJ 100% ISIS....A rave party in a park by a canal, with public water games hosted by Badenflat.

"MOUTHWATERING" ( "WATERTANDEN!")   A theatrical diner for hungry passers-by.

Sirenenfestival: Performances and concerts to put you in deep rapture. One of the featured performances, Tuxedomoon, will also give workshops durring the festival, hosted at the iLLUSEUM.

the lotus eaters:
a fabulous people who occupied the north coast of Africa and lived on the lotus, which induced mindless bliss. They appear in Homer's Odyssey.