What was Webw@ves?

With the aid of a large screen tv and several computers, the public was invited to have an interactive web surfing party. Discussions on the topics of soundwaves, whales and dolphins, utopia, art and interactivity were embarked upon.

Workshops were in small groups and often one-on-one. The age range for participants was 8 yrs. old to 80. Highlights from some of the collaborations can be found here.

Works including the Mer Medallion series, Toilers of the Sea, were on display. Special screenings of documentaries made by Merrill Aldighieri included a conceptual documentary about collaboration and sound waves with Tuxedomoon "SEISMIC RIFFS" and her Emmy award winning documentary "METAPHORIA".

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Demonstrations of web animation, sound editing, web design, and web-surfing were given.

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Experimental cyberlab of web creation & interaction, hosted by Merrill Aldighieri.
(more to come)