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How to get to the iLLUSEUM, a  20 minute stroll from the center of Amsterdam:

From the Amsterdam central station,
cross the water to the Prins-Hendrikkade where the Spuistraat begins.
Follow Spuistraat (southwest) and make a right onto Radhuisstraat (a wide avenue which is opposite the Koninklijk Palace.)

Continue on Raadhuisstraat as it becomes Rozen-gracht, and then becomes De Clercqstraat. You will cross many canals, (9, if you are counting!)
Still on Clercqstraat, PAST Willem de Zwijgerlaan, this street becomes two streets.....to your left it is Admiraal-de-Ruiterweg, straight on it is Jan Evertsenstraat, and here we are....
to your left is Witte de Withstraat.
Take Witte de Withstraat.
Towards the end of this first block on your left is the Illuseum at 120. There is a fish store across the street.

If you want to plot your own course from a different starting point, here is a link to a handy map that you can put any street in the search and it will point you to it's location. You can print out the maps too.  hot-maps

Here is a link for tourist info in english with hotels, maps, telephone numbers, and even live webcam views!  amsterdam hotspots


the lotus eaters:
a fabulous people who occupied the north coast of Africa and lived on the lotus, which induced mindless bliss. They appear in Homer's Odyssey.