LE DERNIER CRI is the initiative of Pakito Bolino & Caroline Sury, their silkscreen workshop in Marseille - France is an artistic generator that produces a wild choice of bizarre - apocalyptic flavoured prints, artist - books and animation - films by artists from around the world. The principal stage of their output is the infamous silkscreen art - magazine "HOPITAL - BRUT". In which many talented savages are presented.... Their new release is a joint effort resulting in an intense 2-hour animation: " RELIGIONS SAUVAGES".

To celebrate these achievements and make them known to lovers of surprising and vital art, the iLLUSEUM asked Le Dernier Cri to come and show their film at Robodock-festival 2006 ( in the back ground we see Pakito featuring in "RELIGIONS SAUVAGES" projected on the screens of the mediatower that was designed by the iLLUSEUM together with Pim Peterse ) and at the iLLUSEUM an exhibition has opened with large silkscreen prints and original artworks from a.o. Moulinex, Fredox, Pakito Bolino, Caroline Sury, Ota Keiti, Stu Mead, Henriette Valium, Marcel Ruijters, Antoine Bernhart etc. Finissage planned on the 21st of december - the fifth anniversary - with live music by Le Dernier Cri and screenings of the Dvd " RELIGIONS SAUVAGES" which is for sale at the iLLUSEUM. Stay in touch for more details

Tian Rotteveel performs his elektro-magnetic bodytrembling shockcomposition by surprise on Robodock