“What is Art? Inside the Mind of the Artist as They Speak the Truth”

is a documentary by the controversial American painter/ writer/ performance artist Steven Johnson Leyba www.stevenleyba.com Defying the world’s Post Modern premise that “everything is art” he not only dares to ask, “What is Art? but he asks “What is TRUE ART?”

H.R. Giger (artist/academy award for design of Alien)
Genesis P-Orridge (musician, artist, occultist)
Howard Bloom (scientist/ famous publicist)
David J (artist/musician, of Bauhaus)
Stephen Kasner (artist/ musician)
Adam Parfrey (social critic/ publisher of “Apocalypse Culture”,
“Lords of Chaos” and “Sex and Rockets” Feral House books)
Richard Metzger (social critic/ publisher of Disinformation books)
Shane Bugbee (writer/ Media artist/ social critic/ publisher )
Larry Wessel (filmmaker/artist)
Steven Johnson Leyba (infamous performance artist/ artist/ writer)
Susan Wright (National Organization of Woman)
Peter H. Gilmore (artist/curator/musician/ High Priest of the Church of Satan)
David Aaron Clark (novelist/ journalist/ pornographer)
William Taylor (Native American writer)
Chris Trian (artist/poet)
Alena Kitson (artist/ performance artist)
David Cotner (writer/experimental musician)
Kasper (graffiti artist/ experimental musician)
Peter Priessle (famous erotic art collector/ curator/pornographer)
Zoe Standali (Swiss artist/ erotic art collector/curator)
Leslie Leyba (artist/ performance artist)
Pet Silva (erotic artist and curator)
Joe Coleman (artist/ performance artist)
Barron Storey (artist/ writer/ publisher/ famous art teacher)
Miss MayaS INSstress(blood ritual,fiber, SM performance artist/dominatrix)
Rik Garrett (erotic photographer)
Mark Bode (Artist/ Cobalt 60 son of the great underground artist Vaugh Bode)
Dave Archer (famous space painter who uses a Tesla coil to paint with)
Joel Peter Witkin (photographer)
and many more

November 21st at iLLUSEUM at 21:00pm artist Steven Johnson Leyba will be present and  will perform live with musician Jeroen Visscher Saturday November 28th

Scientist Howard Bloom (Lucifer Principle, Global Brain) says in the film, “The first two rules of art and science; The truth at any price including the price of your life and look at things right under your nose as if you’ve never seen them before, then proceed from there.”

“It's important for everyone to specifically state what art is because if “everything is art” then NOTHING is art. Even if when it comes down to one persons opinion or it contradicts others opinions or defies the "official" acceptable definition of what we are taught to always believe. Keep in mind that if someone says "THIS IS ART" and passionately says why it is it sparks others to do the same or to get upset about it. This is what art used to do, but now post-political correct speech all people ESPECIALLY artists are afraid to say what art is and to speak of what they are passionate about.  I've lost many friend over this. The critics, money people, museums and art schools have dictated long enough what ART is. Now it’s time for TRUE artists to take it back!”

-      Steven Johnson Leyba


While most argue no one can ever define art much less TRUE ART Leyba does just that. In the process, much to the disdain of others he create a TRUE ART list and says TRUE ART can be mathematically measured.