For all whom have known M'Bongi aka Nick our great sadness we were shocked to find out that dear Nick, as we've known him, is no longer in his big, warm body.
He will be cremated on Tuesday the 24th of March at Westgaarde,Ookmeerweg 275, Am*dam-Osdorp, 13:15-14:00, so here you can say your last fare-well.
Afterwards there will be a celebration of his life & friendship at the Cameleon Theatre, 3e Kostverlorenkade 35, Am*dam, from14:00-17:00.
We will miss this outstanding wonderful being, who has always been so generous to us & all the people we've known.
Am*dam feels more empty now.
May he be in peace, liberated from this confusing world...........

The iLLUSEUMinati


Nick Leslie
1951 - 2009

Sadly, Nick Leslie, the Pulcinella of Amsterdam, passed away this week. He was 57.
He leaves his brother, Robert, sister-in-law Christine, and nephews Nicholas and Cherno.

To his friends Nick was Mbongi: loyal friend, portly Dreamer, larger-than-life storyteller, cook, undercover glutton, raconteur, and not least, a sympathetic shoulder to many.

Friends and well-wishers are invited to say farewell to him next Tuesday, 24 March 2009. The funeral will be held at crematorium Westgaarde, from 13.15 - 14.00. There will be no service or speeches.

Nick liked few things more than a good party. We hope you will join us in celebrating his life and friendship at the Cameleon Theatre, from 14.00 - 17.00 on the same day. The stage was the environment that Nick loved best – except for kitchens! – and we will have plenty of opportunity for song, dance and reminiscence there.

Richard Jurgens, Pete Madden, Romke Schrage, Michele Tabor, Roelof van den Bergh

Inquiries: Richard: 06 42101056, Roelof: 06 30773615

Westgaarde: Ookmeerweg 275, 1067 SP Amsterdam-Osdorp
Cameleon Theatre: Derde Kostverlorenkade 35/BG, 1054 TS Amsterdam


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